MOSRITE by Kurokumo(JAPAN)

--SUPER EXCELLENT ’65 PW--  \180,000(税別)
Neck:Maple with Bolton .Fingerboard:Indian Rosewood(300R) .Scale:24-3/4“ .Tuner:GOTOH 3x3 Kluson Taype .
Nut:Manufacturerd by GOTOH with 0-Fret Body:Basswood .Body:German Curved and No Binding,Top Jack .
PickUp:L-2000(Ceramic Moderate Output model) .Contorol:1xVolume(A500K),1xTone(B500K), 3way Toggle switch.      Nob:Ring Type .Bridge:Saddle Lock Type Roller Bridge .(Manufacturerd by GOTOH).                   Trem:Vibramute Type Original Tremolo Unit .(Manufacturerd by GOTOH) .Finish:Polyurethane .

--NEW!!Super Custom’65 Bk/Sb(custom collor)--\243,000(税別)

Neck:1 piece Maple with Bolton .Fingerboard:Selected Indian Rosewood(200R) .Scale:24-3/4“ .

Tuner:GOTOH 3x3 Kluson Taype .Nut:Manufacturerd by GOTOH with 0-Fret .Body:Selected Basswood.

Body:German Curved and No Binding,Top Jack .PickUp:L-4000(Alnico High Output model).

Contorol:1xVolume(A500K),1xTone(B500K) ,3way Toggle switch .Nob:Ring Type .

Bridge:Vintage Type Roller Bridge (Manufacturerd by GOTOH) .

Trem:Vibramute Type Original Tremolo Unit(Manufacturerd by GOTOH) .Finish:Polyurethane .